Thursday, September 20, 2018

FOX NEWS: Oreos to feature Mickey Mouse designs in limited-edition product

Oreos to feature Mickey Mouse designs in limited-edition product

Cookie lovers may be in for a sweet treat.


7 Places To Stalk For The Best Vintage Jewelry

Save for trendy chokers and, well, anything spiked, jewelry doesn't exactly go out of style in six-month cycles like the latest It bag or the season's ...

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The Secret Global Network of Private Super Jewelers

I call them the Super Jewelers. They create only a limited number of one-of-a-kind pieces. They sell only by appointment. They work with the rarest of ...

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Wear Your Politics Around Your Neck With Funny or Die Alum's "Gerrymander Jewelry"

Ahead of the midterm elections, Sheehan has introduced Gerrymander Jewelry, a collection of pins and necklaces with pendants shaped like some of ...

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Sinatra jewelry, memorabilia and fine art worth millions to go on auction block

The auction lot includes lavish jewelry, personal papers, scripts from Sinatra movies and paintings by artists ranging from Pablo Picasso to Norman ...

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Higashi Jewelry & Eyewear shares pieces from Freywille

Susan Fotos joined Good Day PA after a recent trip to Europe to share a new jewelry line from Freywille. She travels all around the world for new ...

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Police Release Images Of Chinatown Jewelry Heist Suspects

CHINATOWN, NY — Police released images of four suspects in a brazen Chinatown jewelry heist where a gun-toting robber fired a shot inside the ...

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